N80 Spotlight Product Manual of Wireless Presenter

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Wireless Presenter User’s Manual

N80 Spotlight

Be sure to carefully read this user’s manual before using the wireless presenter and keep it for future reference


Laser beams can cause permanent damage to the eyes. Do not look into  the laser beam or shine the laser beam into your eyes, other peoples’  eyes, or the eyes of pets. Be careful when pointing it towards  reflective surfaces.

Keep this device away from Children. This is a working tool, not a toy. It should only be used by adults.

Information  in this document is subject to change without notice. No part of this  document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means,  electronical or mechanical, for any purpose, without prior permission of  the seller.

Chapter 1    Introduction

I.    Product description

Thank you for choosing the omnidirectional wireless presenter which is carefully designed for you. This product adopts humanized design concept and many new patented technologies. Whether you are a professional lecturer or a business person, this product will bring you unprecedented use experience.

II. Features

1)2.4GHz international frequency, 50m control distance, 360 degrees control without directional restriction. With automatic frequency hopping technology, it can effectively avoid interference from other radio frequency signals.

2)There are ‘L’ & ‘R’ key on presenter which equal left and right key on mouse.

3) Pointer key, can display digital laser, zoom in, magnifier (which can work with Norwii Presenter software) on screen.

4) Support page up, down function, hold page up or page down to work function customization, for example, Fast Backward, Fast Forward, scroll, black screen ect. (which can work with Norwii Presenter software)

5) 300mAh lithium battery, Type-C USB port. You can charge it by computer USB port and mobile phone charger to avoid the trouble of changing batteries.

6) Norwii UniCoding 1 optimal control technology to ensure 1-to-1 precise control.

7) Right side key includes volume control function, support computer system volume up, volume down.

8) Vibration reminder set: remind presenter of controlling time by alarm vibration.

9) Automatic standby, deep sleep, power switch, Multiple saving electronic design which cause more energy conservation, durable; unique power switch design can avoid leakage of electricity cause by key being squeezed in the bag.

10) Portable with integrated design, wireless receiver can be easily stored inner of wireless presenter.

11) This product only supports standard 5V charging. It does not support all kinds of QC quick charging. When using a voltage higher than 5V for charging, it will burn out the product or cannot be charged.

III. Who should have this device

All the people who present with PowerPoint, such as teachers, trainers, businessmen, will need this device.

IV. Operation system

Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11 or later, macOS/ Linux/ Android system. It may only support page turning function on Android/ Linux system.

V. Package contents

1) Wireless presenter (USB receiver included) *1

2) User Manual *1

3) Type-C USB Cable *1

VI. Specifications


Technology:                 Radio Frequency

Frequency:                   2.4GHz

Control Distance:         Up to 50m

Battery:                          300mAh Lithium Battery

Charging Voltage          5V

Working Voltage:          3.7V

Weight:                       31.6g

Dimension:                 111.8*32*10.6mm

USB Receiver

Operation System:       Windows 7/8macOS, Linux, Android

USB Version:                  USB 2.0

Working Voltage:          5V DC

Weight:                          2.17g

Dimension:                    22.7*14*7.6mm

Chapter 2

VII. Function map

Attention: When using this product, please change your Input Method Editors (IME) to English input mode.

VIII. Function Description

1.Power switch key, turn it off once off use; turn it on once on use. This function can avoid electronic leakage once key in the bag being squeezed. It can effectively extend the battery life.

2.Volume control: Let volume control function work by setting up key sliding up and down. Short press it toward inner, then slide it up and down to adjust alarm time. Volume control: set up key slide up and down to work volume control function. Press it toward inner, then turn it up and down to adjust alarm time.

3.Mouse left key: it is same with computer’s mouse left key.

4.Mouse right key: it is same with computer’s mouse right key.

5.Mouse switch: click it to start mouse pointer moving function. Click it again to close this function. In state of mouse function work, long press for 2 seconds to let mouse right key work.

6.Pointer key: can display digital laser, spotlight, magnifier (which can work with Norwii Presenter software) on screen.

a. Digital laser, press and hold digital laser, it occurs to red circle. At the same time, press or to enlarge or narrow the circle until it become red dot.

b. Spotlight: double click Pointer key to switch to this mode, occurs to defaulted white spotlight circle; out of spotlight circle displays dark grey, while inner of spotlight circle displays light white. Zoom in content in the circle. At the same time, pressorcan enlarge or narrow circle.

c. Magnifier: double click Pointer key to switch to this mode; defaulted magnifier occurs. At the same time, pressorcan enlarge or narrow circle.

Page up key: click to page up; long press to full screen in PowerPoint; long press again to exit full screen.

Page down key: click to page down; long press to black screen in PowerPoint; long press again to exit black screen.


1.LCD time display, the forward 2 numbers are hour, the back 2 number are minute.

2.Short press set up key toward inner to set up alarm clock, alarm clock icon occurs in screen. Increase or decrease alarm clock time by sliding up and down. Numbers will increase or decrease by 5 as interval to decrease slide frequency in sliding up and down status.

3.Vibration reminder will vibrate once every 10 min, 5 min, o min before alarm clock setting time.

4.It shortly vibrates 4 times when vibration reminder works. At the same time, alarm clock time in the screen flash mob.


1)Take out the USB receiver and install.

Take out the USB receiver from the presenter and plug it into the computer’s USB port. At this time, “Discover New Hardware” will be displayed in the lower right corner of the computer, and the driver will be installed automatically. When Windows displays "New hardware is installed and ready to use", it means that the USB receiver is installed.

(Take out the USB receiver from the presenter)

(Plug the USB receiver into the computer’ s USB port.)

2)Control the computer by operating the presenter.

3)Turn off the presenter.

Plug the USB receiver into the presenter and turn off the power switch when you stop using it.

Charging the wireless presenter

1) Low power indication

When the power is low, the battery indicator on the LCD will flash slowly to remind the user to recharge the wireless presenter.

2)Charging the wireless presenter.

Connect the Micro port of wireless presenter to a USB port of computer via USB cable. When the battery iconon screen flashing display and is always on, it indicates that it’s charging. If the battery icon stop flashing, it means the charging is completed. If you have a USB Micro phone charger, you can also use it to charge the presenter.

3)Charging time varies depending on the power supply of the USB port. Normally the charging time is about 2 hours.

Chapter 3 FAQ

1)How to download Norwii Presenter software and how to pair the presenter and the USB receiver?

Please go to the "Driver Downloads" page under the "Services and Support" section of the official website www.norwii.com to download the Norwii Presenter software and use the software to pair.

2)How to know the battery is out of power?

When you turn on the power, no display on screen. It means battery is out of power.

When battery is no power, please recharge it as soon as possible because It will shorten life of battery in status of over discharging.

When battery is with low power, the battery icon on LCD flash slowly. it means the power is low and the battery needs to be recharged.

3)How to know the battery is full when charging?

If the battery indicator stops flashing when the battery is being charged, it means the recharge is completed.

4)After receiver plug in USB port of computer, how to deal with it if no respond on computer or no identify?

Please confirm if USB port on computer can work normally, and try it via other USB port. Please try it via other computer if it is necessary. Plugging other USB device to the USB port to check if it can work normally. If other USB device can work normally via this USB port. It means the receiver occurs to fault. Please contact distributor to maintain it.

5)If the receiver can work via other USB port. It means USB port occurs fault. If the USB port can work normally, while the receiver can work normally via USB port in other computer. It means there is something wrong with the driver of computer. When there is something wrong with computer, please back up data. Reinstall operation system. If laser can work normally, the receiver can be identified by computer, when the transmitter can work normally, computer is out of control , how to deal with it.  Generally it caused by no address code conservation without receiving signals from transmitter and need pair operation. The system function is disordered. What should I do if I press the corresponding button to perform other functions?

It may be that some shortcuts of the operating system or application (such as PowerPoint) are changed to other shortcut keys. Please check the system or application shortcut settings, or reinstall the operating system and applications after backing up the data.

6)How to grant permissions for Norwii Presenter on macOS?

On macOS, users need to add operation permissions of [Input Monitoring], [Screen Recording] and [Accessibility] for Norwii Presenter software under [System Preferences] - [Security & Privacy] - [Privacy]

Certificates: FDA,CE,ROHS,FCC