N99s Product Manual of Wireless Presenter

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1. Norwii Wireless PresenterN99s Wireless Presenter User Manual Norwii (1mW or 5mW) 2024-07-24.pdf

2. Norwii Wireless PresenterSetup on macOS computer.pdf

3. Norwii Wireless PresenterTrouble shooting guide - Wireless Presenter.pdf

4. Norwii Wireless PresenterCompatability Guide - V2.3_20240305 Applicable models N10s Pro, N95s Pro, N96s, N97s, N86s, N99s.pdf

Be sure to carefully read this user’s manual before using the wireless presenter and keep it for future reference


Laser beams can cause permanent damage to the eyes. Do not look into  the laser beam or shine the laser beam into your eyes, other peoples’  eyes, or the eyes of pets. Be careful when pointing it towards  reflective surfaces.

Warning label for red laser product (See below figure):

Norwii Wireless Presenter

Norwii Wireless Presenter

Warning label for green laser product (See below figure):

Norwii Wireless Presenter

Norwii Wireless Presenter

Keep this device away from Children. This is a working tool, not a toy. It should only be used by adults.

Information  in this document is subject to change without notice. No part of this  document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means,  electronical or mechanical, for any purpose, without prior permission of  the seller.

Chapter 1    Introduction

I.    Product description

A wireless presenter with built in mouse features. You can easily control the mouse-pointer while doing your presentation. With an easy to reach button on the side you’ll be able to mark areas of your PowerPoint presentations to make it easier for your audience to follow. Apart from these functions, thanks to the laser pointer and RF technology, you’ll be able to manage your presentation within 30 meters.

II. Features

1) PowerPoint, Keynote and Prezi support

2) Thanks to the ISM-free 2.4GHz frequency, this presenter can be used worldwide without restrictions

3) The omnidirectional emitter allows the control of devices in other rooms

4) One transmitter can control up to 6 USB receivers

5) Supports the following functions: laser pointer, page up/down, full screen, black screen, and mouse function.

6) Support hyperlink function in PowerPoint

7) Volume control via side button

8) The LED flashes when battery is low

9) The receiver can be inserted into the presenter’s housing

10) Safe laser class according to IEC/EN 60825-1:2014

11) USB2.0, plug and play

12) Energy-saving with auto standby and on/off switch

13) Power supply via integrated rechargeable battery.

14) This product can only be charged with standard voltage 5V. It does not support all kinds of quick charging. Charging with a voltage higher than 5V may burn the product or fail to charge.

III.  Operation system

Support Windows 7/8/10/11 and macOS 10.15 or later, only support laser and page up/down on Android & Linux.

IV.  Package contents

1) Wireless presenter (USB receiver included)

2) User Manual

3) USB Cable

V. Specifications


Technology:                      Radio Frequency

Frequency:                        2.4GHz

Control Distance:              50 meters

Laser Power:                     <1mW (Class 2) or <5mW (Class 3R), see the laser label on the back of the presenter.

Laser Distance:                  >200m

Wavelength:                     Red 640-660nm

Wavelength:                     Green 495-545nm

Battery:                            300mAh

Charging Voltage:            5V

Working Voltage:            3.6V-4.2V

Sleep Current                  <70uA

Dimension:                      120*31.5*12mm

Weight:                            32.6g

USB Receiver

Working Voltage:            4.5-5.5V

Dimension:                      22.8*14*7.6mm

Weight:                            2g

Chapter 2    Getting Started

VI. Function map

Norwii Wireless Presenter

Attention: When using this product, please change your Input Method Editors (IME) to English input mode.

Chapter 3

VII. Function Description

1) Open Microsoft PowerPoint and PowerPoint files.

2) Press “Page Up” button for 2 seconds to Start a slideshow from the current slide. Press the button for 2 seconds again to escape from the full screen.

3) Press “Page Down” button and “Page Up” button to go forward and backward.

4) Press “Laser Pointer” button to turn on the laser.

5) Air mouse function: Press mouse button, you can move cursor. You can stop moving cursor by press the button again.

6) Ink function: Press the ink button and hold, move your hand at the same time, you can write on the screen.

7) Eraser: Press eraser button,you can erase all the ink.

8) Volume control: Press ‘Eraser’ button and hold, then moving the presenter up or down to control the volume.

9) This presenter supports PowerPoint, Keynote and Prezi. The presentation mode can be changed by simultaneously pressing the ‘page up/page down buttons. By default, the up and down buttons on the product have the same function as the up and down arrows on your keyboard. If you press the up and down buttons simultaneously, they function as left and right arrows when using Prezi. When pressed 3 times, the presenter goes back to its default settings.

VIII. Charging the wireless presenter

1) Low power indication

The red LED on the wireless presenter will flash slowly to remind the user to recharge the wireless presenter.

2) Recharging the wireless presenter

Connect the wireless presenter to a USB port of laptop or a USB port of mobile phone charger via USB cable, the red LED will stop flashing and keep red to show the wireless presenter is being recharged.

If the red LED turns off, it means the recharge is completed.

Normally the recharging time is about 2 hours.

Norwii Wireless Presenter
Chapter 3 Frequently Asked Questions

1)    How to know the battery is out of power?

If the blue LED on the wireless presenter starts to flash slowly, it means the power is low.

2)    Why does the laser pointer not work?

Firstly you can check whether the wireless presenter is in low power or out of power. If the LED flash slowly, it means the power is low and the battery needs to be recharged. If all the other buttons can work, only the laser pointer cannot work, the laser diode may need replacement.

3)    When the mini USB receiver plugs into the PC USB, the laptop does not detect the device, why?

Please try another USB port or another PC.

4)    How to grant permissions for Norwii Presenter on macOS?

On macOS, users need to add operation permissions of [Input Monitoring], [Screen Recording] and [Accessibility] for Norwii Presenter software under [System Preferences] - [Security & Privacy] - [Privacy]

IX.  Certificates



Declaration of conformity

This laser product complies with IEC/EN60825-1:2014. Complies with 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11, except for deviations pursuant to Laser Notice No.50, dated June 24, 2007.