S108 Product Manual of UHF Wireless Transmitter

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Product Manual of UHF Wireless Transmitter


Dear Users:

Welcome to use Norwii UHF wireless transmitter.

It is an UHF wireless transmitter specially for Norwii's voice amplifier. It is convenient to connect, strong anti-interference, stable signal and easy to use. It is an ideal choice for the wireless voice amplifier. Please read the user manual carefully before using in order to operate correctly.

Function Map:

Norwii Wireless Presenter

Operation description

1)Firstly, you need adjust the voice amplifier to UHF mode or press the coding key to enter the code-matching state. Turn on the wireless transmitter, then press the volume“+”key and the volume“-” key at the same time, the blue indicator will flash three times for signal transmission, and the voice amplifier will automatically receive the code-matching signal.

2)After code matching successfully, put the microphone on your head and plug the other end of the microphone into the microphone port . At this time, the voice amplifier can do wireless voice amplification. When you short press the “+”key, the UHF wireless transmitter will increase the volume once, while the blue indicator will flash once. When you long press the “+”key, the UHF wireless transmitter will increase the volume continuously, while the blue indicator will flash continuously. When you short press or long press the volume“-”key the same way as the above, the increase becomes decrease. Whether the volume increase or decrease , when the blue indicator does not flash, it means the increase or decrease volume has reached the maximum or minimum.

3)When the UHF wireless transmitter is in low power, the blue indicator flashes continuously, reminding it needs to be charged. You need plug one end of the Micro USB cable into the Miro USB port of the wireless UHF transmitter, and connect the other end to the mobile phone charger or the computer USB port. When you charge and the UHF wireless transmitter is off, the indicator is red and it will be automatically turned off when the power is full. When you charge and the UHF wireless transmitter is on, the indicator is purple and it will become blue when the power is full.


Battery:3.7V/600mAh lithium battery

Charging voltage:DC 5V/Micro USB

Charging time:about 2 hours

Using time:>6 hours

Transmitting distance:>20m

Safety precautions:

1)This product only supports standard 5V charging, does not support all kinds of Quick Charging. When you charge it with a voltage higher than 5V, it may burn the product or fail to charge.

2)Do not disassemble or repair battery by yourself. There is a risk of explosion if the battery is not replaced properly. Battery should not be placed in dangerous environments such as high temperature, high humidity and high pressure.

3)Do not close products and accessories to fire source, heat source or any overheating environment.

4)It is a electronic product, please keep off from water and humity envioment, to prevent the danger of short circuiting.

5)Do not use this product in flammable and explosive areas or in areas where the use of radio equipment and electronic products is prohibited. When entering dangerous and prohibited areas, the power supply of the product should be turned off to avoid potential safety hazards (e.g. in hospital, in order to avoid interference with biomedical telemetry equipment, wireless microphones should not be used).

6)Product maintenance shall be performed by qualified maintenance personnel, and non-qualified maintenance personnel shall not repair and dismantle the product.