Laser Pointer User Manual Model No. 301/303

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Laser Pointer User Manual      
    Model No. 301/303

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Dear Users:
Thanks for choosing our green laser pointer series. Please read this manual carefully before using and operating it correctly as described in this manual.

The parameters involved in this manual are subject to change without prior notice. Please keep it for future reference.

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1. Warning
This product has the function of generating laser beam. Do not directly irradiate the eyes with laser beam to avoid damage. This product is used for outdoor activities, site command, sales guiding and other occasions. This product is not suitable for children under 18 years old. It cannot be used as a toy for children.

2. Product Introduction
This product adopted high strength aluminum alloy and electroplated with carbon black. Tact switch with key lock at the same time, strictly in line with national safety standards, double insurance, safe and convenient.

Model301303 Short Version303 long Version
Laser TypeClass 3BClass 3BClass 3B
Laser ColorGreenGreenGreen
aser Wavelength(nm)495-545495-545495-545
Product Size(mm)L=120,φ=22L=125,φ=22L=158,φ=22
attery type1634016340-18650-
Battery Capacity(mAh)7007002000
Working VoltageDC3.7VDC3.7VDC3.7V
Charging Time(Hours)1.51.53
Working Time(Hours)
Working Temperature+10°~+40°+10°~+40°+10°~+40°
Product Configuration1. Laser Pointer
      2. 16340 Lithium battery
    3. Charging Base
1. Laser Pointer
      2. 16340 Lithium battery
    3. Charging Base
1. Laser Pointer
      2. 16340 Lithium battery
    3. Charging Base

3. Function Map

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301 Diagram

Norwii Wireless Presenter

303 Diagram

No.Function DescriptionOperating Instruction
1Laser MarkLaser safety warning Mark
2On/Off SwitchContact switch, press to ON, release to OFF
3ModelProduct model number
4CoverAfter unscrewing, take out the battery for charging
5Safety lock and keyTurning to green point means ON, turning to red point means OFF

4. Using Help
  1)Battery installation: the anode must face in and the cathode must face out.
  2)The key for cover turns to green point means On, turns to red point means OFF.
  3)Don’t use up the battery, otherwise it will be damaged; After charging, place it for a few minutes before using.
  4)If the laser pointer will not be used for a long time, please take out the battery.
  5)Charging indicator turns green means the charging is completed, the normal charging time is about 1.5 to 3 hours.
6)It is recommended that the continuous lighting time of the laser should not exceed 2 minutes, otherwise the life of the laser module will be affected .

  5. Fault Analysis and Solution

Fault PhenomenonReason AnalysisSolution
Unable to power onBattery reason1. Make sure the anode and the cathode of the battery is installed correctly.
    2. Low power, please charging.
Unable to light onSafety lock reason
Please make sure that the key is turned to green point.

If the problem still can't be solved, please contact the seller.

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