S328 Bluetooth Product Manual of Portable Digital Voice Amplifier

2021-11-19 23:52:17 黄永燕

Product Manual of Portable Digital Voice Amplifier

S328 Bluetooth Edition User

Welcome to use the Bluetooth version of the digital voice amplifier S328, the lithium battery capacity can reach 4000mAh. With double battery life and long standby capacity, it is suitable for teaching, conferences, training, tour guides, singing, square dancing, sales promotion, outdoor activities, etc. Please read the instructions carefully before use in order to operate the amplifier correctly and obtain the ideal performance.

Product functional features:

1.FM radio function, with FM wireless microphone to achieve wireless amplification.

2.he built-in capacity of voice amplifier is 2000mAh or 4000mAh.

3.Equipped with mainstream USB-C charging port.

4.With Bluetooth function, you can connect to your mobile phone to listen to music, and you can also answer and reject calls.

5.Support TF card, U disk play, AUX-in, support MP3, WMA, WAV files, support cycle play. Computer speaker function, it can transmit audio through USB port.

6.Clear and accurate voice tips for mode switch.

7.Memorizing the status and playback location, enter the state before shutdown automatically every time you turn it on.

8.Digital amplifier technology, 5W rated power, 10W maximum peak power.

Function map:

Keys and Ports instruction:


In power-on mode, short press to switch mode, mode switching sequence: standby mode → MP3 mode (U disk) →MP3 mode (TF card) →AUX mode (the audio cable plugged in) →radio mode →Bluetooth mode →recording mode→PC mode(use the USB-C charging data cable to connect to the computer); Some modes will be skipped when the relevant functional interfaces are not in use.


Search radio channel

MP3, USB sound card and Bluetooth mode, short press to pause (FM is to mute), short press again to play (FM is to cancel mute). In the recording mode, short press to start recording and short press again to pause recording, long press to stop recording and play the recording file. In FM mode, long press to search radio channels.

NextIn MP3 Mode or Bluetooth mode, short press to play the next song. In MP3 Mode, long press to fast forward, and in FM mode to play the next radio channel.


In MP3 Mode or Bluetooth mode, short press to play the previous song.  In MP3 Mode, long press to fast backward, and in FM mode to play the previous radio channel.


In MP3 mode, switch between folders of U disk or TF card; in FM mode for FM recording and recording exit


In MP3 mode, short press cycle button to switch between full cycle and single cycle mode; For UHF wireless version in UHF mode, short press to do pairing.


In Standby mode, insert microphone to 3.5mm microphone interface to amplify; In recording mode, insert microphone to record.


3.5mm audio interface, support music play, when audio cable plugged in, it will switch to AUX mode automatically

USB Port

When USB disk inserted, it will play MP3 file automatically. When the voice amplifier is connected to a computer, you can read and write USB disk through the computer.

TF Card Port

When TF card inserted, it will play MP3 file automatically. When the voice amplifier is connected to a computer, you can read and write TF card through the computer.

Charging  Data Port

The charging interface supports a 5V mobile phone charger and computer USB port; Connecting the port to a computer, it will be a USB sound card speaker. You can read and write USD disk or TF card through a computer.
Dial Volume SwitchRotating the dial can switch on/off the amplifier and adjust the volume. Rotate the switch counterclockwise (push up) to turn on the amplifier and increase volume, rotate the switch clockwise (pull down) to decrease volume till turn off the power.

LED digital screen illustration:

1.Press "mode"key to switch to "Standby mode", display status like this:

2. Short press "cycle" key till the LED screen becomes light, display status like this:

3. Press "mode" key to "Radio mode", display status like this:

4. Press "mode" key to "Bluetooth mode", display status like this:

5. In "standby mode" insert TF card or U disk to "MP3 mode", display status like this:

6. In "standby mode" insert AUX cable to switch to "AUX mode", display status like this:

7. Through USB-C charging port to connect computer, display status like this:

8. Press "mode" keyto "recording mode" display status like this:

Operation description:

1.Power switch: Push up the switch counterclockwise, turn on the amplifier when you hear a "click". Voice broadcast the current mode and the LED screen displays the current mode. Pull down the switch clockwise, turn off the amplifier when you hear a "click". When it is switched off, the amplifier will remember the current mode and automatically load the mode when it turn on the next time.

2.Volume control: Rotate the volume dial to adjust the volume. Push the round button counterclockwise to increase the volume and pull down clockwise to reduce the volume.

3.Microphone amplification: Insert the microphone plug into the MIC interface, and press to switch to Standby mode to amplify. Please wear the microphone well and properly adjust the microphone position and keep about 50cm distance from amplifier to avoid howling.

4.MP3 play: In "Standby mode" insert U disk or TF card saved with audio files in MP3, WMA and WAV formats, it will play the audio files automatically. Short press/to switch to next song/previous song, long press/fast forward / fast backward. Short pressswitch to single loop, directory loop and all cycle.

5.FM radio: Pull-out the antenna to the longest. Pressswitch to "radio mode". Long press  can search radio channels automatically and broadcast the first radio channel automatically after searching. Pressorcan switch your favorite channels randomly after searching. Insert TF card and U disk, presscan record the current displaying content, short presscan stop the recording, and the recording file is stored in TF card or U disk. FM receives frequency range: 87.5-108MHz.

6.Bluetooth mode:In Bluetooth mode, after pairing the mobile phone and the voice amplifier, you can play music or other audio files in the phone, short press / to switch to next song/previous song, short press   to answer the call, long press  to reject the call. If you press this key during the call, it will hang up the call.

7.Aux mode: In "standby mode", through the 3.5mm AUX audio cable, the amplifier can be connected with computers, mobile phones, PAD, MP3,MP4 and other devices, it will switch to AUX mode automatically and the LED screen will display LINE, and it can be used as external speaker at this time.

8.Connect the computer: When you connect the computer through USB-C charging interface, it displays "Hdd" on the LED screen. You can read and write the U disk or TF card inserted in the amplifier at this time. Note that when the U disk and TF card are inserted into it simultaneously, the U disk will be identified preferentially.

9.Recording: When you use the recording function, a U disk or TF card must be inserted and it must be connected to the microphone. Short pressswitch to "recording mode", it starts recording when you short pressand speak to the microphone. LED screen displays the recording time, short pressagain to pause recording. Long pressto save the recording and exit recording mode. You can play the recording file in MP3 mode.

10.Low battery: When the red LED of the voice amplifier flashes quickly and there is a prompt tone, it means that the power is low. Please charge the voice amplifier. It will take 3-4 hours to be fully charged.

11.Charging: Connect the amplifier to the computer, 5V mobile phone charger, mobile power bank and other devices through the USB-C charging data cable that is randomly configured, and then charge. After turning on the device and charging it, it will enter PC mode, and the battery symbol in the LED display will appear once every second. When the battery is fully charged, the battery symbol will go out; when the battery is turned off and charged, the LED display will directly display the power data. For example, if the number 82 is displayed on the display, it means that the power supply is 82% charged. After fully charged, the battery symbol in the LED display goes out.

Tips and cautions:

1.The pickup head should be covered with a sponge cover, and the microphone is placed 1 to 2 centimeters in front of your mouth when you use microphone to amplify sound. It is suggested that the sponge cover should not be removed, because the sponge cover can weaken the air flow, reduce the noise, and make the voice be clear.

2.This product can only be charged with standard voltage 5V. It does not support all kinds of quick charging. Charging with a voltage higher than 5V may burn the product or fail to charge.

3.Microphone should not be close to the amplifier, and it's better if place the amplifier against the microphone. If howling occurs you can reduce the volume appropriately or enlarge the distance between the microphone and the amplifier. The microphone pickup head should not be grasped by hand, otherwise it will be easily howling because of resonance.

4.When you use it for the first time, or for a long time before you use it again, please keep the amplifier be fully charged to ensure battery life.

5.In order to avoid distortion or damage caused by excessive voltage or current, please do not insert the external sound source signal into the MIC interface.

6.Please don't disassemble, or repair it by non-professional technical personnel. If there are any problems, please contact our company for after sale service

7.In order to prevent the danger of short-circuiting, please keep products or accessories away from water, moisture, rain or splash.

8.Do not use the amplifier in inflammable and explosive areas or in areas where radio equipment is prohibited. When you entering dangerous areas or prohibited areas, power should be turned off to avoid potential safety hazards.

9.Do not use it in high temperature, high pressure and high humidity environment (such as sunshine exposure, stove, heater, humidifier, water pool, etc.). Do not place it or close to dangerous sources (fire source, liquid, explosive, high-speed machinery, etc.) in order to avoid damage and danger.

Product specification:

1.Battery capacity 4000m Ah parameter:

Rated power    5W                                                                      Peak power                10W

Loudspeaker    3-inch 2ohmic magnetic speaker                        Frequency response    120Hz-15KHz

Battery            2 x 3.7V/2000mAh lithium batteries in parallel    Charging voltage        USB/DC 5V 1A

Charging time    4-6 hours                                                            Using time                35-38hours

Size                125*92.5*48.5mm                                                    Net weight                254.5g

2.Battery capacity 2000m Ah parameter:

Rated power    5W                                                                          Peak power            10W

Loudspeaker    3-inch 2ohmic magnetic speaker                            Frequency response    120Hz-15KHz

Battery            3.7 v/2000mAh, 1 lithium battery                              Charging voltage    USB/DC 5V 1A

Charging time    2-3 hours                                                                Using time    16-18hours

Size                125*92.5*48.5mm                                                        Net weight    208.5g

Packing List:

Voice amplifier *1,3.5mm audio cable *1,USB-C cable*1,Head wear microphone*1,

Hanging rope*1,User manual *1.


Hereby, Norwii declares that the radio equipment type S328 is in compliance with Directive 2014/53/EU. The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at the following internet address: http://www.norwii.com/downloads/downloads/eu_doc/eu.doc

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