S128 Product Manual of UHF Wireless Microphone

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Function map:

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Specifications for S128 wireless microphone:

Battery3.7V/600mAhCharging voltageUSB/DC 5V 0.5A
Charging time2 hoursUsing time5-7hours
Frequency657MHz-663MHzWireless distance20 meters

Operation description:

1. Turn on the power switch of the voice amplifier, switch it to UHF mode, and then click the cycle button to enter the waiting for code matching state, such as S330 and S358 Pro, or long press the UHF button of the voice amplifier to enter the waiting for code matching state, such as S508, or long press the code matching button of the voice amplifier to turn the indicator light yellow, indicating that the voice amplifier has entered the waiting for code matching state (requiring code matching to be completed within 20 seconds), for example: S358.

2. After turning on the power switch of the S128 wireless microphone, press the side volume "+" button and the volume "-" button simultaneously. The blue indicator light will flash three times for signal transmission, and the voice amplifiers S330, S358 Pro, and S508 will prompt "successful code matching". Alternatively, the yellow indicator light of the voice amplifier S358 will flash three times and turn into a green indicator light, indicating successful code matching. At this point, you can wear the S128 wireless microphone for voice amplification and adjust the sound size through the "+" and "-" buttons of the S128 wireless microphone.

3. If the voice prompt of the voice amplifier shows "failed code matching" or the yellow indicator light of the voice amplifier S358 does not flash three times, it also indicates a failed code matching. In addition, if there is a cross code phenomenon between the voice amplifiers, you can repeat the first two code matching operations mentioned above.

Charging instructions:

1. When the battery is low, you can use the complimentary USB-C charging data cable to charge the wireless microphone through devices such as a computer, 5V mobile phone charger, and mobile power supply.

2. The product only supports standard 5V charging and does not support all kinds of QC fast charging. Charging with a voltage higher than 5V will burn the product or fail to charge.

3. Explanation of LED indicator lights for wireless microphone S128.

Wireless microphone statusLED indicator status
Low batteryLED indicator light flashing fast

Turn on the power to charge

ChargingPurple light always on
ChargedGreen light always on

Turn off power to charge

ChargingRed light always on
ChargedGreen light always on

Reminder: It is recommended to shut down and charge for faster charging time

Tips and cautions:

1. Place the wireless microphone pickup head 0.5 to 1 centimeter away from the mouth, and it is recommended not to remove the sponge cover. The sponge cover can attenuate airflow and reduce the noise generated by exhalation, making the sound amplification clearer and more stable.

2. The wireless microphone should not be directly facing the front of the voice amplifier at close range. It is better for the voice amplifier to be facing away from the microphone. If there is whistling, the volume of the voice amplifier should be appropriately reduced or the distance between the wireless microphone and the voice amplifier should be extended; Do not hold the wireless microphone pickup head with your hands, as it is prone to whistling due to resonance.

3. Do not open or disassemble or repair the battery on your own. There is a risk of explosion if the battery is not replaced properly.

4. Do not let the product and accessories come into contact with water or moisture, and do not expose them to rain or water splashes to prevent water ingress and short circuit hazards.

5. Do not use this product in flammable and explosive areas, areas where the use of radio equipment and electronic products is prohibited. When entering hazardous and prohibited areas, the product power should be turned off to avoid safety hazards (for example, in hospitals, to avoid interference with biomedical telemetry equipment, UHF wireless microphones should not be used).

6. Product maintenance should be carried out by qualified maintenance personnel. Non-qualified maintenance personnel are not allowed to repair or disassemble this product.


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