N10s Pro Product Manual of Wireless Presenter

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Download the PDF format of this manual:

1. Norwii Wireless PresenterN10s Pro User Manual 2024-04-10.pdf

2. Norwii Wireless PresenterSetup on macOS computer.pdf

3. Norwii Wireless PresenterTrouble shooting guide - Wireless Presenter.pdf

4. Norwii Wireless PresenterCompatability Guide - V2.3_20240305 Applicable models N10s Pro, N95s Pro, N96s, N97s, N86s, N99s.pdf

Be sure to read this user manual carefully before using the wireless presenter and keep it for future reference.

This product can generate laser beam. DO NOT STARE INTO BEAM OR EXPOSE USERS OF TELESCOPIC OPTICS. Do not shine the laser beam on people's or animal’s eyes to avoid eye damage! Do not give this product to children as a toy!

Warning label for red laser product (See below figure):

Norwii Wireless Presenter

Warning label for green laser product (See below figure):

Norwii Wireless Presenter

Safety warning

1. Please refer to the manual to use this product correctly;

2. This product is equipped with a built-in lithium battery, and it is prohibited to disassemble, collide, squeeze or throw the product into fire; Stop using the product if the battery is swollen.

3. Do not place the product in a high-temperature environment;

4. Do not immerse this product in water or any other liquid;

5. If short circuit fault occurs, do not continue using or disassemble without authorization. Please contact Norwii for assistance.

I. Instructions before use

1. Before using this product, please switch the input method of your computer to English input mode.

2. Please firstly run Norwii Presenter software on your computer to experience all the features of this product. Please visit Norwii official website www.norwii.com, then go to the "Software Download" page under the "Service and Support" to download Norwii Presenter software.

3. On Apple's macOS, the Norwii Presenter software requires three permissions: Accessibility, input monitoring, Screen & System Audio Recording. If it has not been set before, please click "Grant Permissions" in the "About" tab of the Norwii Presenter software, and then open the corresponding permission settings in the window that opens. You can also check the box in front of the Norwii Presenter software in the above three permission settings in the "Launchpad - System settings – Privacy & Security – Accessibility, input monitoring, Screen & System Audio Recording" of macOS.

II. Connection methods

There are two connection methods between wireless presenters and computer. One is to connect through the USB receiver, supporting USB-A and USB-C (also known as USB Type-C) interfaces, the other is to connect through Bluetooth.

1. Connect computer through the USB receiver.

There are two types of USB receivers. One is the dual-head receiver, which contains USB-A and USB-C connectors and has no USB disk. The other is the USB disk receiver, which is USB-A connector with internal USB disk. There is only one kind of USB receiver in a package, either the dual-head receiver or the USB disk receiver, not both types of USB receivers at the same time.

1) Turn on the power of the wireless presenter and take out the USB receiver from the rear of the wireless presenter.

Norwii Wireless Presenter

2) Insert the USB receiver into the USB port of your computer, and the bottom right corner of the Windows computer desktop will display "Found New Hardware", and Windows will automatically install the driver. When Windows displays "New hardware installed and ready to use", it means that the USB receiver installation is complete, and then you can control the computer via the wireless presenter.

2. Bluetooth connection on Windows computer.

1) On computer, turn on the Bluetooth switch, click Add Device, and select Bluetooth as the device type.

2) Turn off the power of the wireless presenter, press and hold the wireless presenter's page up key, turn on the wireless presenter's power switch, then release the wireless presenter's page up key. At this time, the wireless presenter's LED will flash, indicating that it is waiting for pairing in the following 3 minutes.

3) On computer, look for Norwii Presenter or Norwii N10s Pro in the Add Device section and click it to complete the Bluetooth connection.

3. Bluetooth connection on macOS computer.

1) On computer, select Bluetooth in the computer System Settings and turn on the Bluetooth switch.

2) Turn off the power of the wireless presenter, press and hold the wireless presenter's page up key, turn on the wireless presenter's power switch, then release the wireless presenter's page up key. At this time, the wireless presenter's LED will flash, indicating that it was waiting for pairing in the following 3 minutes.

3) On computer, find Norwii Presenter or Norwii N97s in the nearby device and click Connect. After the connection is completed, Norwii Presenter is connected to your computer.

III. Bluetooth connectivity

Norwii Wireless Presenter

IV. Function map

Norwii Wireless Presenter

V. Product specifications


Technology:Radio frequency


Control Distance50 meters

Laser Power<1mW, see laser label on the back of the presenter.

Laser Distance>200m

WavelengthRed 640-660nm

WavelengthGreen 495-545nm

Battery capacity360mAh lithium battery

Working Voltage3.6V-4.2V

Charging Voltage5V



USB-A and USB-C receiver

Working Voltage4.5-5.5V



USB-A and USB disk receiver

Working Voltage4.5-5.5V



VI. Operation system

Support Windows 7/8/10/11 and macOS 10.2 or later, only support laser and page up/down on Android & Linux.

VII. Package contents

1. Wireless presenter * 1 (USB receiver stored inside the wireless presenter)

2. Wireless Presenter Bag * 1

3. User Manual * 1

4. charging cable * 1

VIII. Function Description

1. Page up key Norwii Wireless Presenter:click to page up long press to play slides from the current page. Long press again to end slide show.

2. Page down key Norwii Wireless Presenter:click to page down, long press to enter black screen, long press again to exit black screen.

3. Physical laser key Norwii Wireless Presenter:Press and hold to turn on the physical laser beam, and release to turn off the physical laser beam.

4. Pointer key Norwii Wireless Presenter:When the Norwii Presenter software is running, double-click Norwii Wireless Presenter to switch among function modes and use the following functions:

1) Digital laser

In digital laser mode, press and hold Norwii Wireless Presenter pointer key to display the default red spot. During use, press the Page up or Page down key simultaneously to expand or reduce the size of the spot. The color of the spot can be modified in the Norwii Presenter software.

Norwii Wireless Presenter

2) Highlight

In highlight mode, press and hold Norwii Wireless Presenter pointer key to display the aperture, which can highlight the content within the aperture. While holding Norwii Wireless Presenter pointer key, press Norwii Wireless Presenter Page up or Norwii Wireless Presenter Page down to adjust the aperture size.

Norwii Wireless Presenter

3) Magnifier

In magnifier mode, press and hold Norwii Wireless Presenter pointer key to display the default magnifier, which can enlarge the details of the content. Press and hold Norwii Wireless Presenter pointer key while pressing Norwii Wireless Presenter Page up or Norwii Wireless Presenter Page down to adjust the size of the magnifier.

Norwii Wireless Presenter

4) Air mouse

In air mouse mode, click Norwii Wireless Presenter pointer key is equivalent to clicking the left key of mouse. Long press Norwii Wireless Presenter pointer key and move hand to move mouse cursor, release Norwii Wireless Presenter pointer key to stop moving mouse cursor. No double-click and long press the left key of mouse.

Norwii Wireless Presenter

5. Pointer key Norwii Wireless Presenter: When the Norwii Presenter software is not running, Pointer key has two modes,the presentation mode and mouse mode. The default mode is the presentation mode, which can be switched by double-clicking the Pointer key.

1) In presentation mode, click has no function to prevent forwarding slide when clicked. When long pressing, you can use the built-in digital laser function of PowerPoint in the full-screen state of PowerPoint.

2) In mouse mode, a click is a mouse left click, and you can click a hyperlink.

6. Touch screen writing: One end of the wireless presenter has a touch screen pen head, which can be used for writing and tapping on the touch screen. The touch screen pen head can be easily replaced without worrying about being damaged and unusable.

Norwii Wireless Presenter

7. Mark key/Eraser key

Click the mark key Norwii Wireless Presenter, the cursor enters the mark state, hold down the mark key Norwii Wireless Presenter and move the wireless presenter to freely draw lines on the screen. Release the mark key Norwii Wireless Presenter to pause annotation. Click the eraser key Norwii Wireless Presenter  to erase the annotations on the screen and exit mark state.

Norwii Wireless Presenter

8. volume control

Long press Norwii Wireless Presenter the volume key up to 1 second, then move the wireless presenter up or down to adjust the computer volume.

Norwii Wireless Presenter

IX. Charging instructions

1. This product can be fully charged within 2 hours of charging.

2. This product only supports standard 5V charging and does not support various quick charging. It cannot be charged with a voltage higher than 5V and may burn out the product.

LED StatusStatus Description
Low batteryBlue light
ChargingRed light
ChargedGreen light


1. The laser is normal, and the USB receiver can be recognized by the computer, but all functions of the wireless presenter cannot be used properly?

Usually Pairing can solve this problem. Please download the Norwii Presenter software and follow the Pairing instructions in the software, or you can contact our after-sales service.

2. How to detect if a wireless presenter is out of power?

Switch on the power of the wireless presenter. If the LED is not on, it indicates that the wireless presenter is out of power; If the LED flashes slowly, it indicates that the wireless presenter is low power.

3. What if the laser doesn't light up or becomes dim?

After turned on the power, press the laser key, the LED will light up, but the laser does not light up, it means that the laser module is damaged. If the laser spot becomes dim, it may be due to low battery power. If the laser spot remains dim after being fully charged, it means that the laser module has been damaged. Please contact Norwii after-sales service for repair or replacement.

4. What if the USB receiver is plugged into the computer's USB port and the computer does not respond or cannot recognize it?

Please check whether the USB port of the computer is working properly and try another USB interface. If necessary, please try another computer to check that the problem is with the computer or USB receiver.

XI. Certifications



Declaration of Conformity

This laser product complies with IEC/EN60825-1:2014 Complies with 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11, except for deviations pursuant to Laser Notice No.50, dated June 24, 2007.

XII. Product Support

Shanghai Norwii Technology Co., Ltd

Address: No.277 Jinfeng Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, 201201, China

Tel: 86-21-51872080

Email: support@norwii.com