Successful case - US MTA company cooperate with Norwii on wireless presenter N29 since 2018

2020-02-15 17:33:56 诺为

Norwii wireless presenter N29, as a new product, is sensitive, with striking orange laser key, humanized design ect. It was an excellent presenter assistant and appealed to MTA company initially which is a famous projector company from USA. They placed the first order of N29 on 2018 and mainly for Mexico market. N29 includes functions of red laser, page up& down, full& black screen, support hyperlink, switch windows, volume control. Due to the high quality IC, 100m remote control, MTA placed their regular orders to Norwii. According to MTA, they satisfied Norwii’ s professional after-sales service, high quality product and decide to build long term cooperation relationship with Norwii.

The below picture is their customized product picture:

Norwii Wireless Presenter


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