Successful case - 2X3 S.A. from Poland orders Norwii laser presenter R705, G705, N36

2020-02-14 18:07:31 诺为

2X3 S.A. is Norwii old customer. From 2010 till now, they place orders every year. And their normal purchase models are R705, G705, N36. N36 is our hot sale product. It is very suitable for business people and teachers because of its small appearance, simple design, and practical function. For nearly 10 years cooperation, we’re not only supplier and buyer but also good friends.

The pictures below are the actual pictures of the customized logo N36 of 2X3 S.A. 

Norwii Wireless Presenter

Norwii Wireless Presenter

Norwii Wireless Presenter

Norwii Wireless Presenter

Norwii Wireless Presenter

 Customer feedback:

After so many years cooperation, they are satisfied with both quality and after-sale service. With the trust and support from many old customers, we have confidence to develop more new products and give back to them.

 Customer profile:

Company 2×3 S.A. exists on market since 1996. They are specialist in production and design high-quality products for the office, school, public administration, enterprises of various industries, the advertising market as well as home use.

Norwii Presenter N36 introduction:

•  Page up/down, black screen, full screen

•  Support hyperlinks, switch windows

•  Close the current window

•  On/off switch

•  Integrated design

•  Comfortable P+R key

•  The key function of the product can be customized, and the firmware of the USB receiver can be upgraded through Norwii Presenter software.