Successful case - FAST ČR, a.s. orders Norwii wireless presenter N76 green laser

2020-06-21 17:36:47 诺为

FAST ČR, a.s. is Norwii new customer. We met on HK electronic fair Oct 2019. After comparing many suppliers’ price, sample, certificates etc, they chose our Model N76 green laser with trial order 50 pieces. They are very satisfied with our quality and customized printing and they placed second order soon. Actually, the logo is very beautiful on the product, we can’t wait to share the real pictures as below. We also support customized packing, you can design what you like, our duty is to realize your ideas. Customers’ recognition is our driving force, we will develop more high-quality products with more flexible customized requirements.

The below picture is their customized product picture:

Norwii Wireless Presenter


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