Successful case - Dynamicweb from Denmark orders Norwii wireless presenter N29 and N78

2020-06-21 19:17:36 诺为

Dynamicweb is a platform for digital products in Denmark. We got their inquiry from in Aug 2019. Thomas Møller Jensen is in charge of the purchasing. He told us they need presentation pointers for promotional event. He is nice and active so we concluded the contract in short time. We’re very glad to cooperate with him. We got positive feedback from Dynamicweb as below: “Very nice presenter with the right buttons. Feels good in your hands. We use this as a giveaway at promotional events, so the nice packaging and logo print is valued. USB with memory for your presentation, makes this the perfect companion going on stage. Buttons have double functions when you long press, so make sure to read the manual.”

The below picture is their customized product picture:

Norwii Wireless Presenter


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