Successful case - KEC INNOVATIONS PTE. LTD. from Singapore orders Norwii voice amplifier S358

2021-01-05 16:23:21 诺为

KEC INNOVATIONS PTE. LTD. is Norwii new customer. We got their inquiry from in June 2020. After checking with our catalog, they choose Norwii S358 as test sample. Jason is in charge of the purchasing. He is satisfied with the sample and told us:” We found your product is better than expected. But there is a sudden over-supply of voice amplifiers in our market, as many traders start bringing into our market by Taobao, Shopee, Lazada. So, we wonder if you can sell us the first batch at 200 sets but with our logo.” For many years’ experience, we are good at customizing logo not only for silk printing but also laser printing. We have laser printing machine which can print serial No one by one. Of course, the effect on product is very good. We shipped the 200pcs order to him in Aug already, wish get more big order from KEC in the future!

The pictures below are the actual pictures of the customized logo S358 of KEC INNOVATIONS

Norwii Wireless Presenter

Norwii Wireless Presenter

Customer profile:

For KEC, innovation is our crucial element of success. Continuous to strive towards learning and exploring new concepts, ideals and technology, is our way for staying relevant in the business. We balanced between building safe and durable products and also out-of-the-box product line up. We also team up with long term partners in providing more product choices for individuals or corporate projects.