Successful case- Worten from Portugal orders Norwii laser presenter N28,N95 Spotlight

2021-08-03 16:39:23 admin

Worten is a Norwii new customer. We met on HK electronic fair in 2019 and they bought presenter samples of N28 and N95 Spotlight from us. After testing the quality, they are satisfied with them. Then we began to negotiate business for next step. Because the goods will be sold in Europe, the requirements for certificates are very high. Our products must have CE, RoHS certificates, and must have REACH test report. We have CE and RoHS certificates already, and we begin to apply for REACH as their requirement then. Their customized requirement is also complex such as silk print on product, label on presenter, user manual, color packing box, out carton, customized software etc. After all the details were confirmed well, they placed a big order, that is 4920pcs N28 and 2920pcs N95 Spotlight. They asked SGS to inspect the goods before shipment and feedback us some points need to pay attention. Although the delivery is influenced by the COVID‑19, we believe that future cooperation will be even smoother. By the way, thanks very much for Amy’s help in this transaction.

The pictures below are the actual pictures of the customized logo N28 and N95 Spotlight of Worten  

Customer profile:

Worten is the leading E-commerce platform in Portugal, with the highest brand awareness among all the people. 55% of the audience know the brand. It occupies 40% of the market share, higher than Amazon's share in Portugal. In 2019, more than 5 million Portuguese shopped at Worten and there are more than 230 physical stores. In 3C, home appliances and consumables and entertainment electronic equipment and other categories of SKUs were more than 1.2 million, and the annual sales were more than 110 million euros.