Successful case- Hearing Products International Limited from UK orders Norwii voice amplifier S358

2022-06-14 16:35:06 admin

Hearing Products International Limited is Norwii new customer from 2021. We got their inquiry from Email in April 2021. Their founder Chris Rohde is always providing help for the deaf and the dumb by supplying equipment. Our voice amplifier can help someone with a weak voice amplify their voices. When we received their inquiry, we recommended our models S358 and S358 Pro and made a detailed comparison of the two models. After checking they chose model S358 finally. For the first order they bought 300pcs and they’re satisfied with the quality. They come back soon for the second order 500pcs. We are so proud to offer our products to those who need them.

The pictures below are the actual pictures of the customized logo S358 of Hearing Products International Limited.

Customer profile:

Hearing Products International Limited is the UK’s premium supplier of “own brand” hearing loops, induction loop systems, wireless television listeners, voice amplifiers, and home alert systems. Established in Stockport, England they have specialised in the design and sale of nationally recognised aids for daily leaving since 1992. Echo is their registered Trade Mark.

Founders – Hanne and J Chris Rohde of Hearing Products International Limited understand the needs and barriers facing people with sensory loss, as their own daughter was born profoundly deaf and has been educated by the total communication method. They have dedicated the past 28 years to supplying equipment and support to Social Services/ Occupational Therapists/ Sensory Teams/ Technical Officers/ Technicians and installers across the UK and overseas, offering quality sound and attractive design at affordable prices.