Successful case- Trovi Technologies Co., Ltd. from Hong Kong orders Norwii wireless presenter N26 and N76

2023-02-15 09:00:34 Norwii

From: Sunny

Trovi Technologies Co., Ltd. is Norwii old customer. We have cooperated for more than 5 years. From 2017 till now, they've been placing orders every year. Their normal purchase models are N26 and N76, especially N26 is more popular in their final market Italy. The cooperation of this customer is particularly good. Every time when we adjust the price or we adjust the box template etc., they will always actively cooperate. Of course, when we meet after-sales problems we will actively solve. It's a mutually beneficial business between us. It's our great pleasure to work with them.

The pictures below are the actual pictures of the customized logo N26 of Trovi Technologies Co.

The pictures below are the actual pictures of the customized logo N76 of Equascience.

Customer profile:

Established in 2006, Trovitech provides expertise to global clients in both consumer and industrial electronic sectors. Offices in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China, they offer production management and OEM services to their partners. They are driven by innovative and sustainable ideas – they offer solutions to their customers and partners aiming at creating unique products using the latest trend in technology, forms, colors and materials. Their customized works proudly reflect this understanding of originality and beauty.