Successful case- Qtimate from Netherlands orders Norwii wireless presenter N28.

2023-03-22 16:46:46 Norwii


Qtimate is Norwii new customer from 2022. We got their inquiry from Alibaba in July,  2022. Jorrit was in charge of purchasing. In the inquiry he asked: “Is it possible to print our own logo on the product and the box? And is it possible to change the color of the yellow button? If yes, which colors are possible? What would be the costs for those customizations?” When I saw such a precise request, I concluded that this is a precise buyer, and I must make the sale. I answered: “Yes, we’re professional factory and we’re good at customization”. Then we discussed the details such as price, color of button, packing box etc. Because of trust, they did not purchase sample, but directly placed a big order for 500pcs. Actually, the customized blue (Pantone 2192U) button looks super nice on the wireless presenter. They’re satisfied with the products when they received them.

The pictures below are the actual pictures of the customized logo N28 of Qtimate.

Customer profile:

Qtimate is the online specialist for your everyday consumer items. Qtimate is known for its high-quality products for a fair price with fast delivery and helpful service. Qtimate mainly sells goods on and mainly sells person care products and office & school products. As a new company, Qtimate is growing fast.