Successful case- Lead Tech technology solutions from Greece orders Norwii wireless presenter N95s Pro.

2023-08-07 09:59:35 Norwii


Lead Tech sent us an email directly in Nov 2022. Their director Vassilis Tsamouras told me he wanted to purchase Norwii products for reselling in Greek market. I thought they must have done enough market research before purchasing our products. They noticed that there was a gap in the Greek market for digital presenters and they would like to cover this gap. Vassilis said: “Actually we will focus on the digital features of the presenter (the digital laser dot) and not on the physical laser dot. The product will aim primarily customers that use Large LCD screens and LED Videowalls and secondarily to the rest of the market that uses projectors, blackboards etc.” I was shocked by his expertise, for other buyers I always need to spend a lot of time explaining what digital laser is and what physical laser is. After testing our sample, they offered some valuable suggestions which we improved then. We got their first trial order 200pcs. Even for only 200pcs, we support customized logo, packing and customized software. It’s just a good beginning for both of us, wish our products get good feedback in Greece.

The pictures below are the actual pictures of the customized logo N95s Pro of Lead Tech.

Customer profile:

Lead Tech was founded in 2017 and their main business is active in the provision and installation of integrated digital signage, hospitality TV and general business equipment solutions.

Lead Tech studies, designs, supplies, installs, supports and maintains integrated solutions, maintaining strategic partnerships with major foreign companies, as well as with their domestic partners.

Lead Tech is the most reliable solution both in the provision of innovative services and in the supply of high-quality products which can meet all kinds of requirements and needs of their customers.