Successful case- SORDALAB from France orders Norwii laser pointer G306

2023-11-03 08:58:48 Norwii


Emmanuel Durand is the director of SORDALAB. We once cooperated wireless presenter N76 in 2019. He learned from Alibaba platform that we are a factory, and we have our own research and development team. When he had a special need he thought of us right away. He sent an email to us in Jan 2022 and said: ” I’m getting back to you because I’m looking for a factory who could supply me laser module with functions below……” We didn’t have laser module as his requirements but we were planning a new model G306 which would be a good choice for him. G306 is high power laser pointer under 15mW with green laser, but for European market he needs Class II with power under 1mW. G306 with laser dot, but he needs laser line which will be used in school. Our engineer made some amendments specially according to his requirements. We sent him a sample for test, and he is satisfied with the sample. Then he placed test order 200pcs. We hope that our products will be popular in the French market.

The pictures below are the actual pictures of the customized logo N95s Pro of Lead Tech.

The pictures below are the actual pictures of the customized logo G306 of SORDALAB.

Customer profile:

SORDALAB has specialized in the supply of scientific teaching material for 30 years.

In 1987, Patrick MOREAU, professor-researcher with the CNRS at the University d’Orsay Paris Sud, came up with a new concept in France: the practical biology kit for teachers of Life and Earth Sciences. The first kit, called the SORDARIA kit, allows high school teachers to help students really manipulate genetics in a classroom setting. This kit has from the first year it went on sale, won over more than 85% of French high schools and gave its name to the company SORDALAB.

This concept has given SORDALAB a solid reputation as a specialist, and its products have all been highly praised by teaching staff. Most of these practical work kits are also part of the official subject bank for the experimental baccalaureate test.