Successful case- XEDOR from Netherlands orders Norwii wireless presenter N95 Plus.

2024-01-08 16:06:07 Norwii

Norwii Wireless Presenter


We got an inquiry from Alibaba in April, 2023. Lars de Letter who’s in charge of purchasing. He said: “I see a lot of potential in this product for the Netherlands market. I would appreciate some more information about the prices and product details. Can you please fill in the enclosed sheet? If the prices suites me, then we would like to start with a test order to check the quality.” Although his test order was only 50pcs, we recommended many hot selling models and filled his sheet carefully including company information, certificates, product details etc. At first, he preferred N75 with USB-A receiver, but he also needed USB-C interface. Then we suggested our new model N95 Plus with both USB-A and USB-C receiver. He’s satisfied with N95 Plus design and placed order quickly. After that test order he repeated order with his customized logo. We treat every customer seriously. Maybe their initial order is very small quantity, with our good quality products and good services they may grow quickly. Thanks for choosing Norwii.

The pictures below are the actual pictures of the customized logo N95 Plus of XEDOR.

Norwii Wireless Presenter

Norwii Wireless Presenter

Customer profile:

XEDOR is an online store, which mainly sells USB stick and other electronic devices from in Netherlands market. Xedor is a company that focuses on selling high quality products at competitive prices.