Successful case- Gadgetz from UAE orders Norwii Wireless Presenter N95 Plus.

2024-02-01 14:22:42 Norwii


We met Gadgetz at Hong Kong Electronics Fair in Oct, 2023. They showed strong interest in wireless presenter at the fair and purchased sample. They asked price, user manual, HD pictures etc. Umar Shamsi is the director of Gadgetz and he's a decisive man. After going back to office, he said: “We need to go ahead with it and we need 500pcs for the first order” when he got all the information. They chose N95 Plus dual interface which is compatible with USB-A & USB-C ports and we shipped the goods on time. UAE is China's largest export market and second largest trading partner among Arab countries. But for our product wireless presenter has not been developed in the UAE market, and the sales are relatively small. Gadgetz has a vast market share in UAE and Norwii’s products have good quality, wish the cooperation between us can develop well in the future.

The pictures below are the actual pictures of the customized logo N95 Plus of Gadgetz.

Customer profile:

Gadgetz has a vast market share in UAE and the second largest in Oman. It’s one of the leading IT Accessories and IT Gaming retailers & distributions in MENA. Their Group has an operating history that spans 15 years. They supply to Large Retail Format with more than 70 Mega Stores.