Successful case - KAPLAN from Singapore orders Norwii Wireless Presenter N27.

2024-06-03 15:22:45 Norwii-Andy

Norwii Wireless Presenter


We met Quanta at Hong Kong Electronics Fair in Oct, 2023. They had clear aim to buy different models with different price and bought samples N26, M29 and N99 at the booth. They asked us to provide factory survey questionnaire, gage equipment, certificates and videos etc. In the process of communication, we learned that they are professional buyers. They are very careful when choosing new suppliers. They compared many suppliers and asked us why our price is higher than others. We introduced our advantages in detail from raw material, quality control, and features of our products etc. Omar who is in charge of purchasing replied to me with good result:

We got one inquiry from in Sep, 2023. Kelly was in charge of purchasing.

She is a gift dealer who is help her old customers to purchase new products. Wireless presenter was a new product for her. We explained many details to her such as product functions, the difference in laser grades and using methods etc. She required N26, N27 and N36 as samples. After comparing the three models, she chose N27 finally. With its fashionable design, practical function, and good price, N27 has become a hot-sale model in both domestic and abroad markets.

Five months had passed since the sample order, we thought she may buy from other suppliers. “We have confirmed the order N27, 2010 pieces, please tell us your best delivery time” Kelly contacted me one day in Feb, 2024. We offered good price and fast delivery time, then arranged bulk order sample. After confirming all the details, we arranged bulk production and shipped in Mar.

Sometimes customers do not place orders, it is not that our products are not good, but the timing is not right. Just keep patient and tell them you are still there. Thanks for all customers who choose Norwii.

The pictures below are the actual pictures of the customized logo N27 of KAPLAN.

Norwii Wireless Presenter

Norwii Wireless Presenter

Customer profile:

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