All Norwii products come with 12 month full warranty from the date of its original purchase.

We only cover Norwii products purchased from our authorized distributors.

If you have purchased Norwii products from somewhere else, please contact seller for warranty cover.

In addition, the following are excluded from Norwii warranty cover:

• Products purchased as 2nd hand or used

• Products purchased from unauthorized retailer and distributor

• Damage resulted from misuse and abusive action

• Damage resulted from chemical, fire, radioactive substance, poison, liquid

• Damage resulted from natural disaster

• Damage caused to any 3rd party / person / device and beyond

How to make a return/exchange request?

If your purchase is within our warranty cover, and you believe it is defective, you can contact us to launch your return request.

Please include all accessories, manuals, and original undamaged packaging

when returning your purchase back to us. We must receive all original products in order to process your return or exchange request.

To return your Norwii product, please email us at with:

• Name of product purchase

• Your purchase order number

• Reasons for return

Once we have received your email, our customer support staff will assist you with the rest of the returningprocess.

Please do not send us anything unless you are instructed to do so.

Who pay for the shipping cost?

If the products need to be sent to Norwii for repairing, the shipping cost from you to Norwii will be paid at your side, the shipping cost for returning products to you will be paid by Norwii.