Norwii Presenter for Android (apk file)

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Norwii Presenter for Android
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Norwii Presenter software provides digital laser, spotlight, magnifier, custom icon, marking line, black screen and other functions for Norwii wireless presenter products.

[Spotlight Function]

Spotlight series products, through the use of Norwii presenter software, will have digital laser, spotlight, magnifier, marking line and other functions. You can also use your favorite icon like logo as the laser point of the digital laser.

[Update History]

2023-8-22 V2.0

1. Added support for new Highlight model. 

2. Adjust the software UI interface.

3. Optimize some known problems.

2021-7-2 V1.1

1. Solve some known problems .

2. Optimize the interface.

2021-4-27 V1.0