S118 Product Manual of UHF Wireless Transmitter

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Product Manual of UHF Wireless Transmitter


Dear Users:

Welcome to use UHF Wireless Transmitter!

This product is a UHF wireless transmitter specially designed for Norwii UHF wireless voice amplifier. It has the characteristics of convenient connection, strong anti-interference ability and stable signal. It is an ideal choice for wireless voice amplifier. Before use, please read the instructions carefully so that you can operate correctly.

Norwii voice amplifiers are divided into wired version, FM wireless version and UHF wireless version. Only UHF wireless version of the voice amplifier can be used with UHF wireless transmitter.

Function Map:

Norwii Wireless Presenter

Operation description:

1.Currently Norwii has two models of UHF wireless voice amplifier (S330, S358, S358 Pro) that can be used with S118.

Voice amplifier S330 UHF wireless version pairing method: first turn on the power of the Voice amplifier S330, press the "M" mode key to switch to UHF mode, then press and hold the loop key, the voice prompts to enter the pairing state. Then turn on the power of UHF wireless transmitter and long press the “PAIR” button of the wireless transmitter. The first blue LED indicator of the UHF wireless transmitter will flash three times for signal transmission, and the receiver S330 UHF wireless voice amplifier will be matched, and the wireless voice amplifier will prompt you to "Pairing success" or "Pairing failure"

S358 UHF wireless voice amplifier connection method: first turn on the power switch of the voice amplifier, and long press the "PAIR" button of the voice amplifier, the red indicator light turns yellow to indicate the pairing state, then turn on the UHF wireless transmitter power switch, and long press the "PAIR" button of the UHF wireless transmitter, the first blue indicator light will flash three times for signal transmission, and the S358 UHF wireless voice amplifier will be paired automatically. After the pairing is successful, the yellow indicator of the voice amplifier becomes a red indicator.

2.After the pairing is successful, put a wired microphone on your head, insert the plug of the other end of the microphone into the microphone jack of the UHF wireless transmitter and keep a distance of half a meter from the voice amplifier, and the microphone pickup head is directly opposite the mouth. Keep the microphone and the voice amplifier at a certain distance to avoid howling caused by improper operation. At this point, you can amplify the sound wirelessly. The volume of the sound can be adjusted directly.

3.UHF wireless transmitter has 4 indicator lights, showing the battery level from top to bottom. When all four lights are on, the battery is full; when only the bottom light is on, the battery is low. When only the bottom (fourth) indicator is on and flashing quickly, it means that the power is insufficient, reminding you to charge in time; when charging in the off state, the blue indicator is charged up from the default power level, when charging to the first When the indicator light flashes and all blue indicator lights are off, it means that it is fully charged; the charging process in the power-on state is the same as the above-mentioned shutdown charging. When fully charged, the four blue indicator lights remain on.

Product specification:

Battery: 3.7V/2000mAh

Charging voltage: DC 5V/USB-C port

Charging time: About 4 hours

Using time: >20 hours

Launch distance: >40 meters

Wireless frequency: 660MHz-698MHz

Tips and cautions:

1.The product only supports standard 5V charging and does not support all kinds of QC fast charging. Charging with a voltage higher than 5V will burn the product or fail to charge.

2.When you use it for the first time, or after a long time before you use it again, please keep the amplifier be fully charged to ensure battery life. 

3.Please don’t disassemble, or repair it by non-professional technical personnel. If there are any problems, please contact our company for after sale service.

4.In order to prevent the danger of short-circuiting, please keep products or accessories away from water, moisture, rain or splash.

5.Do not use it in inflammable and explosive areas or in areas where radio equipment is prohibited. When you entering dangerous areas or prohibited areas, power should be turned off to avoid potential safety hazards.

6.Do not use it in high temperature, high pressure and high humidity environment (such as sunshine exposure, stove, heater, humidifier, water pool, etc.). Do not place it or close to dangerous sources (fire source, liquid, explosive, high-speed machinery, etc.) in order to avoid damage and danger.

7.In order to protect the environment, please put the discarded amplifier in the designated trash can or send it back to the manufacturer. It should not be discarded at will.