N26 hyperlink version white
N26 hyperlink version white
N26 hyperlink version white
N26 hyperlink version white
N26 hyperlink version white
N26 hyperlink version white
N26 hyperlink version white
N26 hyperlink version white
N26 hyperlink version white
N26 hyperlink version white
N26 hyperlink version white
N26 hyperlink version white

N26 hyperlink version white

2023-02-09 11:01:19  

It has physical laser function, supports hyperlinks, supports page up and page down, supports full screen, black screen, exit, and supports function customization

  • Function : Play Slides,Black Screen,Open Hyperlink,Mark on Screen,Physics laser
  • Laser Type : Laser,Digital Laser
  • Laser Color : Red
  • Control Distance : 100 meters
  • Air Mouse : No
  • Key Customizabe : Yes
  • Firmware Updatable : No
  • USB Disk : No
  • Charge Interface : None
  • Battery Type : AAA
  • Battery Capacity : AAA

Different applications require different hotkeys to turn pages. User can press and hold the "∧" and "∨" keys 1 second at the same time. This allows the presenter to switch to one of 3 modes. By default, the functions of "∧" and "∨" keys are Up and Down. They work for PowerPoint and Keynote. After the first switch, their functions are Right and Left. They work well for Prezi. After the second switch, their functions are the Page up and Page down. They work for web browsers, PDF readers and graphic viewers. After the third switch, their functions turn back to the Right and Left. The presenter will remember your setting for your next use.

Even though there are three modes to switch among, there are still some applications that require special hotkeys for them, such as play, pause, previous track, and next track functions for the media player.

Function customization allows the user to set a hotkey for each individual key of the presenter.

To customize the feature, you need to download Norwii Presenter from the Norwii official website and follow these steps:

1)Open Norwii Presenter software.

2)Insert the USB receiver. Presenter’s model will be detected automatically by Norwii Presenter software.

3)Click to select a key.

4)Input in the text box or select from the drop list. Hotkeys used by Operation System cannot be input. But the rest are enough for a common user.

Norwii has an Unicoding technology. Each wireless presenter has been allocated a unique code when it is made in the factory. The pairing operation is to let the USB receiver save the wireless presenter's unique code in the USB receiver, and then the USB receiver can respond to the wireless presenter's wireless signal.

If you have more wireless presenters, repeat pairing operation, you can save up to 6 wireless presenters’ unique code into 1 USB receiver. This means 1 USB receiver can be controlled by up to 6 wireless presenters at the same time. If you save 1 wireless presenter’ unique code into N USB receivers, it means 1 presenter can controls N computers.

5 ways to guarantee its long control distance.

1)This product has a high-quality 2.4G radio frequency SOC chip.

2)This product has a well-designed radio frequency match network.

3)The chip has a strong anti-interference capability and 10dBm radio power.

4)It’s designed by an engineer who has 15 years’ experience in radio antenna design.

5)The product’s 100 meters (328 feet) long control range is tested one by one when it is produced in assembly line.

The safe laser can reach 200 meters (656 feet).

1)The laser has an Automatic Power Control technology which can make the class 2 laser power more stable.

2)All the laser module is made of copper with excellent heat dissipation.

3)The product has FDA, FCC, and CE certificates.

4)For TV/LED/LCD screens only reflect a fraction of the laser, laser is barely visible on these screens. You can choose our Highlight series like N95s Pro, N96s to solve this problem.

The wireless presenter is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android and Linux. It supports widely used software like PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, Google Slides, Photos, ACD See and others.

The wireless presenter supports plug and play. It uses operation system standard HID driver. It does not need any extra driver software to download.

If hyperlinks exist on the page, press “Tab” button one or more time to switch among them, press “Enter” button to open the hyperlink.

After the hyperlink opened, you can keep pressing “Tab” button to switch among opened windows. Release “Tab” button to choose the window. Keeping press “Enter” button to close the current window. Prezi, WPS, OpenOffice and LibreOffice don’t support Tab and Enter Keys.

The power switch is a physical switch. It can cut the power off completely. Presenters without this kind of power switch will have a risk. The risk is, when the presenter is in the bag and one of the keys is pressed down, the presenter will keep working until the battery is drained.

Each time the key is pressed down, the presenter will be waked up immediately to deal with the key-press operation. After the key is released up, the presenter will turn to sleep to save power. The wake-up time is less than 1 millisecond that it saves a lot of power.

When the power of wireless presenter is low, the LED will flash to remind the user to replace the one AAA battery. Users can have one AAA battery ready to replace at any time. 

The USB receiver is stored in the presenter tail with a magnet system. Never worry to lose it. We do not put the USB receiver store under the battery cover. When the USB receiver is taken out or put back, the battery cover needs to be removed first. It takes more time and effort, and the hook of the battery cover is easy to damage in the case of frequent removing.

There is one bump on the most used down key, so you can operate by touch, without looking down for the down key. We only use one bump. If we use two bumps, the users won’t know which one is right.

Users had better have a new AAA battery be ready in case of the old battery running out of power. An AAA battery is not included in the packing.