N97s Wireless Presenter
N97s Wireless Presenter
N97s Wireless Presenter
N97s Wireless Presenter
N97s Wireless Presenter
N97s Wireless Presenter
N97s Wireless Presenter
N97s Wireless Presenter
N97s Wireless Presenter
N97s Wireless Presenter
N97s Wireless Presenter
N97s Wireless Presenter

N97s Wireless Presenter

2023-06-21 10:56:35  

Physical Laser, Digital Laser, Highlight, Magnifier, E-Mark, Mouse, Volume Control

  • Function : Play Slides,Black Screen,Open Hyperlink,Volume Control,Mark on Screen,Digital Laser,Physics laser
  • Laser Type : Digital Laser
  • Laser Color : Red
  • Control Distance : 50 meters
  • Air Mouse : Yes
  • Key Customizabe : Yes
  • Firmware Updatable : Yes
  • USB Disk : Yes
  • Charge Interface : USB-C
  • Battery Type : Polymer Lithium
  • Battery Capacity : 300mAh

This wireless presenter has a metal shell design and powerful functionality.

There are two options for wireless presenter, one is USB-A and USB-C receiver, and the other is USB-A and USB disk receiver.

The metal shell of this wireless presenter is processed with CNC technology, which feels cold, silky, and textured. The keys are made of P+R material, providing a comfortable and silent experience.

This wireless presenter supports two connection methods: Bluetooth, USB-A and USB-C receiver.

1. Can be connected to a computer through wireless presenter's Bluetooth.

2. Can be connected to a computer through a USB-A and USB-C receiver.

Switch by long pressing the "˄" and "˅" keys at the same time.

Different applications require different hotkeys to turn pages. User can press and hold the "˄" and "˅" keys 1 second at the same time. This allows the presenter to switch to one of 3 modes. By default, the functions of "˄" and "˅" keys are Up and Down. They work for PowerPoint and Keynote. After the first switch, their functions are Right and Left. They work well for Prezi. After the second switch, their functions are the Page up and Page down. They work for web browsers and graphic viewers. After the third switch, their functions turn back to the Right and Left. The presenter will remember your setting for your next use.

Function Customization.

Even though there are three modes to switch, there are still some applications that require separate hotkeys for them, such as play, pause, previous track, and next track functions for the media player.

Function customization allows the user to set a hotkey for each individual key of the presenter.

To customize the feature, you need to download Norwii Presenter from the Norwii official website and follow these steps:

1. Open Norwii Presenter software.

2. Insert the USB receiver. Presenter’s model will be detected automatically by Norwii Presenter software.

3. Click to select a key.

4. Input in the text box or select from the drop list. Hotkeys used by Operation System cannot be input. But the rest are enough for a common user. You can even input a Hex value when you select “Hexadecimal key value” from the drop list.

Designed for LCD/LED and project screen.

The wireless presenter supports physical laser, digital laser, highlight, magnifier, full screen marking air mouse, volume control. Physical laser is designed for project screen. Digital laser is designed for LCD/LED screen. Users can control video and music software playback, pause and open hyperlinks in PowerPoint and Keynote by mouse left - single - click function. The product does not have mouse left - double - click and right - click functions.

5 ways to guarantee its 50 meters long control distance.

1. This product has a high-quality Bluetooth SOC chip.

2. This product has a and well-designed radio frequency match network.

3. The chip has a strong anti-interference capability and 10dBm radio power.

4. It’s designed by an engineer who has 15 years’ experience in radio antenna design.

5. The product’s 50 meters (164 feet) long control range is tested one by one when it is produced in assembly line.

The safe laser can reach 200 meters (656 feet).

1. The laser has an Automatic Power Control technology which can make the class 2 laser power more stable.

2. All the laser module is made of copper with excellent heat dissipation. The product has FDA, FCC and CE certificates. No matter how far you stand, you can use Norwii wireless presenter freely.

Widely used USB-C charging port.

1. USB-C charging port can be connected to a computer USB port or phone charger via USB-C cable. Normally the fully charging time is about 2 hours. This product only supports standard 5V charging. It does not support any kind of quick charging.

2. A 300mAh rechargeable polymer lithium battery is built in the presenter. 2 hours charging, supports using for more than 2 weeks.

Widely Compatible.

No matter what system and presentation software you are using, you can use Norwii Presenter freely. The wireless presenter is used widely in teaching, training, conference, and wedding. For Linux and Android, no APP available, the wireless presenter can be used to page up and page down.

Low battery alert.

When the battery of wireless presenter is low, the LED will flash to remind the user to charge the presenter.